Whooper Swan Bird Information

Whooper Swan bird information and facts

Whooper Swan bird is a winter visitor forming medium-sized flocks, often in association with other swans. The bird’s Neck usually held straight. Whooper Swan has a yellow base to black bill, which extends forward to form a clear point, accentuating flat crown-bill profile. Generally noisy, especially in flight, when wingbeats produce whistling noise.

Status: The bird is a regular winter visitor mainly from Iceland; the largest numbers in Scotland and Ireland.

Similar Species:
Mute Swan is the same size but has an orange bill and holds the neck in ‘S’. Smaller Bewick’s Swan has a concave (not flat) crown-bill profile.

Whooper Swan Bird Facts


Size145-160 cm (57-63 in)
Habitatfreshwater, estuaries, field
Behaviorswims, up-ends, walks, takes off and lands on water or ground
Flightlabored; direct
Voiceloud, trumpeting whoop

Bird Identification

Tailwhite; short and square
Billblack with a yellow base, duck-like
Legsblack; short
Juvenilebrownish grey, pinkish bill

Whooper bird’s Nesting and Breeding

NestLined scrape near water
Eggs4-6; white
Incubation27-29 days
Youngactive; downy
Fledging8 weeks
Broods1; June-July
Foodgrass, grain
Population200-300 winter

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