White-fronted Goose Bird Information

White-fronted Goose bird is the most widespread of the ‘greys geese; found in a variety of habitats throughout Britain and Ireland. This bird has a small size, broad white base to the bill and bold smudgy bars on belly separate from similar geese.  The bird has a pink or orange bill with legs orange. In flights, the tack of grey forewing distinguishes from other ‘grey’ geese. except for Bean Goose. Juvenile bird lacks a white face and black bars on belly.

Status: White-fronted goose is a widespread winter visitor. Pink, billed (from Russia) visit England and Wales; orange-billed (from Greenland) visit Ireland, west Scotland and west Wales.
Similar Species: other ‘grey‘ geese and as above. Juvenile lacks a white face and black bars on the belly.

White-fronted Goose Facts

Size65-76 cm (26-30 in)
Habitatfreshwater marshes, grassland
Behaviorswims, walks, takes off and lands on water and ground
Flightstrong and powerful; direct
Voicehigh-pitched low-yow and ryo-ryok, more musical than other geese.

White-fronted Goose Bird Identification


Upperpartsbrown; barred
Tailwhite with a grey terminal band; short and square
Bellybrown, barred black
Billpink; duck-like
Legsorange; medium length
Ad. Greenland:

Breeding and Nesting

Nestlined scrape in blog or thicket
Eggs5-6; white
Incubation27-28 days
Youngactive; downy
Broods1; June-July
Foodgrass, cereals, potatoes
Population5,000 Russian; 16,000+ Greenland winter

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