Spot-Billed Pelican Bird Information and Facts

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Scientific Name: Pelecanus philippensis

The spot-billed pelican bird‘s length is 150cm. Sexes alike.

Bird Identification/Appearance

Whitish plumage sullied with grey-brown; pink on the lower back, rump and flanks; white-tipped brown crest on the back of the head; black primaries and dark brown secondaries distinctive in flight; flesh-coloured gular pouch has a bluish-purple wash; at close range, the blue spots on upper mandible and on gular pouch confirm the identity of species.

Purely aquatic; seen singly as well as in large gatherings, driving the fish into shallow waters before scooping up the prey in the gular pouches.

Range: Spot-billed pelican breeds in the well-watered parts of S, SE and E India but population spreads in the non-breeding season.

Habitat: large jheels, lakes.

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