Spoonbill Bird Information

Spoonbill bird is a large white, heron-like bird with a large spatulate bill. Plumage all white with droopy crest and yellow wash at the base of the neck in breeding plumage; crest and neck wash lost in winter. Bill black with yellow tip; bare yellow patch on throat; long legs black. Spoonbill bird flies with neck extended rather than tucked back like heron. The bird feeds with side-to-side scything action of the bill in shallow water. Juvenile spoonbill birds show black wingtips.

Spoonbill bird information and facts

Status: Spoonbill bird is a scarce visitor, mostly in spring and autumn to the south and east coasts. Breeds Netherlands.

Similar Species: Rare little and Great White Egrets are only other all-white heron-like birds. Spoonbill bird can be picked-out at a considerable distance by creamy white (not pure white) plumage.

Spoonbill Bird Facts

Size78-80 cm (27-31 in)
Habitatfreshwater marshes, estuaries
Behaviorwades, walks, takes off and lands on water or ground
Flocking1 or 2
Flightglides, soars; strong, powerful and direct

Bird Identification

Bird Identification

CrownWhite; crest
Tailwhite; short and square
Bellyblack, tipped yellow; large and spatulate
Legsblack; very long
Ad.winterno crest or neck wash
Juvenileas winter but black wingtips and pink bill

Nesting & Breeding

Nesta platform of reeds and twigs in tree or bush
Eggs4; spotted reddish
Incubation21 days
Younghelpless; downy
Fledging7 weeks
Broods1; April-May
FoodInsects, crustaceans, molluscs, fish
Populationscarce passage migrant

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