Slavonian Grebe (Podiceps auritus) Bird information


Slavonian Grebe is a Small grebe, only slightly larger than Little Grebe. In summer, black head marked by golden ‘horns’ extending through eye; neck and flanks rust-red. In winter, clear-cut black cap contrasts with white foreneck and flanks; back almost black.  Generally gregarious all seasons.

Status: rare breeder in northern Britain; scarce winter visitor, mainly to sheltered coasts and estuaries.

Similar Species: Black-necked is separated by black, not red, neck in summer and grey foreneck and less clear-cut cap in winter. At all times Slavonian Grebe has thicker, more symmetrical, bill.

Slavonian Grebe bird facts

Size31-36 cm. (13 in.)
Habitatfreshwater, sea
Behaviourswims, dives from surface, takes off and lands on water
Flockingcolonial, small flocks (up to 15) winter
Flightlaboured, direct
Voicetrills when breeding

Bird Identification


Crownblack, golden, ‘horns’
Upperpartsalmost black
Tailblack, short and rounded
Billblack; short and pointed
Legsblack short
Ad.winterblack cap, white throat
juvenilebrowner version of Ad.winter

Slavonian Grebe Breeding

Nestfloating mound in water
Eggs4-5; white
Incubation22-25 days
Youngactive, downy
Broods1; May – July
Foodsmall fish, crustaceans. molluscs, insects
population70+ pairs, 430 winter

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