Skylark (Alauda Arvensis) Bird introduction


Skylark is another little brown British bird, unremarkable in appearance, reveals itself as a national treasure when it starts to sing. The unrestrained stream of joyful notes can be heard at almost any time of year, but particularly from late winter to midsummer, when a bright sunny dawn will be enough to send the skylark, and our spirits, soaring.

The skylark bird sings from the moment it leaves the ground, rising to become little more than a speck in the sky, and continues to sing as it descends, stopping only to fold its wings back in the final stages and drop once more to the ground.

Bird Information and Facts

Skylark Appearance/Identification

Skylark is a speckled brown bird. Earthy brown striped back; off-white belly and speckled brown breast; inconspicuous crest; pale cheeks and dark ring around eye interrupted by white eyebrow; long hind-claws like the meadow pipit. Juveniles have a shorter tail like the woodlark.



The bird size is around 18cm (7 in).


Continuous bubbly chirping fo extended periods (from just a few minutes to as many as 15), usually in flight.


The skylark bird is an habitant of all sorts of open wild or farmed countryside.


All year throughout Britain and Ireland; less common in north west Scottland.

Similar Species

The crested lark is similar to the skylark bird which has a more obvious triangular crest; the woodlark with its smaller, shorter tail; and the meadow pipit, a smaller bird with different, more metallic, song.

Interesting Facts about Skylark Bird

The song of the skylark is a frequent subject of poetry, for example in this typical eulogy by 16th-century poet John Lyly:

None but the lark so shrill and clear;
How at heaven’s gates she claps her wings,
The morn not waking till she sings.

The skylark has also inspired musical composers, most famously Vaughan Williams whose haunting piece ‘The Lark Ascending’ is one of the finest man-made evocations of bird-song ever written.

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