Shag (Phalacrocorax Aristotelis) Bird Information

Shag Bird information Facts Identification Breeding

Shag is a smaller version of Cormorant, though essentially marine along predominantly rocky coasts. Shag bird swims, dives and hangs out wings like Cormorant but seldom flies very high. Adult glossy green-black, with short tufted crest in summer. Bill black with yellow gape. Immature brownish with black scaling to feathers; underparts buffy, chin paler.

Status: Shag bird is widespread in north and west, scarce where it does not breed.
Similar Species: separated from Cormorant at all times by smaller size, steeper forehead, smaller, thinner bill and thinner neck.

Shag Bird Facts

Size72 – 80 cm (28 – 31 in)
Habitatsea, sea-cliffs
Behaviorswims, dives, perches on rocks and buoys, takes off and lands on water and ground.
Flockingcolonial; 1-several thousand
Flightlabored; glides; direct
Voicegrunts and hisses at breeding grounds

Bird Identification

shag bird identification

Crowngreen-black; crest
Tailgreen-black; medium length and rounded
Throat and Breastgreen-black
Billblack with yellow gape; straight and thinnish
Legsgrey; short
Ad.winterno crest, dark face
Juvenilebrown above, buff below

Shag Bird’s Breeding

Nestmount of seaweed on the cliff
Eggs3; pale blue
Incubation30 days
Younghelpless; naked
Fledging55 days
Broods1; March-April
Population32,000 pairs; 100,000+ winter

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