Pink-footed Goose Bird Information

Pink-footed Goose is a Small ‘grey’ goose. The bird is a highly localized winter visitor to Scotland and northern Britain. Pink-footed goose has a small dark head and a small pink bill with a variable dark base and pink legs. With upperparts greyish brown, closely barred buffy white. This bird Shows bold grey forewing in flight.

Status: Pink-footed goose is a numerous winter visitor from Iceland and Greenland forming enormous roosting flocks at traditional sites, mainly Scotland and Lancashire. Elsewhere rather a scarce visitor after hard weather.

Similar Species: This beautiful pink-footed goose has a dark head and neck separate from all other ‘grey’ geese except for Taiga Bean Goose, which lacks grey forewing and has a larger head and thicker neck.

Pink-footed Goose Facts and Habitat

Size61-76 cm (24-30 in)
Habitatfreshwater, estuaries, grassland
Behaviorswims, walks, takes off and lands on water and ground
Flocking1 – many thousands
Flightstrong and powerful, direct
Voicehigh vocal; high-pitched unk-unk and wink-wink-wink

Pink-footed Goose Bird Identification


Upperpartsgrey-brown with barred buff
Tailwhite with a dark terminal band; short and square
Bellybuff, barred brown
Billpink, dark based; small and duck-like
Legspink; medium length

Breeding and Nesting

Nestlines-scrape, cliff-edge
Eggs4-5; white
Incubation25-28 days
Youngactive; downy
Fledging8 weeks
Broods1; June-July
Foodgrass, grain, potatoes
Population100,000 winter

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