Northern Gannet (Morus bassanus) Bird Information

Northern Gannet Bird Information Facts Identification

Northern Gannet is a large black and white seabird that nests at a few colonies, mainly on remote islets. At sea, Northern Gannet appears white and cigar-shaped with pointed head and tail. Wings long, straight and pointed with large black tips. Flies low over the water on stiff, shearwater-like wings, before rising in series of flaps and starting another glide. Makes dramatic dives for fish, often from a great height. The adult has a yellow wash over head. Immatures share the same basic shape, but are dark brown; gradually become whiter over a period of four years.

Status: seen passing offshore, especially in north and west where main breeding colonies located; can be seen off all coasts during the passage.
Similar Species: ally(lark juveniles separated Great Cofiliorant by different flight and behavior.

Northern Gannet Bird Facts

Size86 – 96 cm (34 – 37 in)
Habitatsea, sea-cliffs
Behaviorswims, dives from the air, takes off and lands on water and ground
Flockingcolonial; 1-several thousand
Flightstrong and powerful; glides, dives; direct
Voicevariety grunts and cackles at breeding colonies

Bird Identification

Northern Gannet Bird Identification

Upperpartswhite; black wingtips
Tailwhite, medium length and pointed
Billgrey; straight and thickish
Legsblack; short
Juvenilespeckled dark brown, white rump
Second Yeardark brown, head and forewing becoming whiter

Bird Breeding and Nesting

Nestmount of seaweed
Eggs1; white
Incubation43 – 45 days
Younghelpless; downy
Fledging14 weeks
Broods1; April-June
Population150,000 pairs

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