Mute Swan bird information


Mute swan bird is a huge, familiar white waterbird found on all types of freshwater; also occurs on estuaries and occasionally the sea. Adult completely white with legs black; bill orange with a large black knob at the base. Juvenile mute swan bird has grey-buff with a grey bill. These birds can Swim easily and walk with a rolling gait. At all times holds the neck in gentle ‘S’ shape. Flies with noisy wingbeats after laborious pattering take-off over water.

Status: These birds are widespread and numerous residents throughout lowland Britain; gathers in substantial flocks outside the breeding season. Sometimes nests in colonies.

Similar Species: Bewick’s Swan and Whooper Swan are winter visitors that often join Mute Swan flocks. Both have black and yellow bills and noisy calls in flight.

Mute Swan bird’s facts

Size145-160 cm (63 in)
Habitatfreshwater, estuaries, fields
Behaviorswims, up-ends, walks, takes off and lands on water
Flocking1-30, exceptionally several hundred
Flightlabored; direct
Voicevarious hisses and grunts of aggression during the breeding season; silent in flight

Bird Identification


Tailwhite; short and square
Billblack with yellow base; duck-like
Legsblack; short
Juvenilebrownish grey, pinking bill

Breeding and Nesting

Nesthuge mound of vegetation
Eggs4; creamy white
Incubation29-30 days
Youngactive; downy
Fledging40-45 days
Broods1; June-July
Foodgrass; grain, roots
Population16,000+ winter

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