Manx Shearwater (Puffinus puffinus) Bird Information

Manx Shearwater bird information and facts

Manx Shearwater is the most common and widespread of British shearwaters; usually seen in fast careering flight low over sea, or resting on sea awaiting the cover of darkness to return to breeding colonies.

Black above and white below, with broad black margins to the underwing. In typical shearwater flight, flashes alternately black and white as turns low over waves on straight, stiff wings.

Status: breeds on islands in west and north; elsewhere passage migrants.
Similar Species: in some lights may resemble Mediterranean Shearwater.

Manx Shearwater Bird Facts

Size30 – 38 cm (12 – 15 in)
Habitatsea and small islands on water and ground
Behaviorswim, takes off and lands on water and ground
Flocking1-many thousands
Flightstrong and powerful; gliding; undulating
Voiceloud walls and screams at breeding colonies.

Manx Shearwater Bird Identification

Manx Shearwater Bird Identification

Tailblack; short and rounded
Billblack; short and thing
 Legsgrey; short


Nestburrow, crevice
Eggs1; white
Incubation52 – 54 days
Younghelpless, downy
Fledging59 – 62 days
Broods1; May-Sept.
Foodfish, squid, crustaceans
Population300,000 pair +

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