Leach’s Storm-petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) Bird Information

Leach's Storm-petrel bird information and facts identification

Usually, Leach’s Storm-petrel is a black-brown bird with long, pointed, angled wings; pale edges to coverts form pale inner wing. Tail distinctly forked; white rump has dark central stripe. Feet do not extend beyond tail. Flight is shearwater-like; short glides between bouts of leisurely wing-flapping. Seldom follows ships.

Status: confined to handful of remote islands off coast of Scotland and possibly Ireland. Otherwise scarce passage migrant and storm-driven waif.

Similar Species: smaller European Storm-petrel is blacker, has less angled wings and lacks forked tail and pale inner wing.

Leach’s Storm-Petrel Bird Facts

Size19 – 22 cm (7.5 – 9 in)
Habitatsea and small offshore islets
BehaviorSwims, takes off and land on water or ground
Flocking1 – 20
Flighthovers, glides; undulating
Voicecroons on nest; variety of screeches and repeated notes at colonies.

Bird Identification

Leach's Storm-petrel bird identification

Crowndark brown
Upperpartsdark brown
Rumpwhite, dark central stripe
Taildark brown; medium length and forked
Throatdark brown
Breastdark brown
Bellydark brown
Billblack; short and thin
Legsblack; medium length


Nestburrow, crevice
Eggs1; white
Incubation41 – 42 days
Fledging63 – 70 days
Younghelpless; downy
Broods1; May-June
Foodfish, plankton
Populationseveral thousand pairs

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