Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) Brid Introduction

The jackdaw bird is another sociable member of the crow family, not quite as communal as the rook but often found in that bird’s company and in large groups of other jackdaws. It is a nimble bird, both on foot and in the air where it occasionally offers aerobatic displays.


It is relatively unafraid of humans, and can be easily tamed (although it can be quite a bully on the bird table in hard winters). There are many historical examples of the jackdaw bird being kept as a pet. The jackdaw is much mentioned in folklore. One jackdaw perched on a rooftop was a sign of bad luck, but several were an omen of good financial fortune. Aesop has several fables about the bird — The Jackdaw and the String; The Jackdaw and the Doves; The Vain Jackdaw; The Eagle and the Jackdaw; The Jackdaw and the Fox — all concerned with the bird’s wily nature.

Jackdaw bird Information and Facts


Jackdaw bird is a large blackish bird. Black wings and back, dark grey underbody, with a hood which varies from dark grey to offwhite; distinctive pale grey eyes; a high black forehead and a relatively short bill.


The bird size is around 29cm (12 in.)


High-pitched chuck-chuck.


The Jackdaw bird is an habitant of open woodland and well-wooded parkland; also nests in old buildings and sheltered inland cliffs.


All year throughout Britain and Ireland, but less common in northwest Scottland.

Similar Species (Not to be confused with)

Jackdaw bird is similar to the slightly larger and all-black rook, with which it frequently associates (often even besting in abandoned rooks nests); the Chough is similar in flight but is all-black with a distinctive slender curved deep orange bill and orange legs, and is much rarer with only a few nesting sites on western coasts of Ireland and Britain.

interesting Facts about Jackdaw Bird

Like the magpie, the jackdaw has a reputation for mischievous thieving, as featured in an early 19th-century short story called The Jackdaw of Rheims in which a jackdaw steals a cardinal’s ring, (The cardinal curses the unknown thief, the curse makes the jackdaw dishevelled and the bird’s guilt is revealed!)

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