Greylag Goose Bird Information

Greylag Goose bird is the largest and most frequently seen ‘grey’ goose; ancestor of most domestic geese. This bird has upperparts dark brown, closely barred buff. Underparts, head and neck buff; some faint barring on flanks. Greylag Goose has pink legs; orange bill (pink in eastern sub-species). In flights, it shows prominent pale grey forewing. Eastern sub-species have orange legs.

Status: Greylag Goose is native birds breed only in the Outer Hebrides and the nearby Scottish mainland, but many successful re-introductions in various parts of the country. It is a widespread visitor, mainly from Iceland.

Similar Species: Overall size, large pale head, and neck with large bill separate from all other ‘grey’ geese.

Greylag Goose Bird Facts

Size79-89 cm (30-35 in)
Habitatfreshwater, estuaries, grassland
Behaviorswims, walks, takes off and lands on water or ground
Flocking1-several hundred
Flightstrong and powerful; direct
Voicedeep aahng-ung-ung; highly vocal

Greylag Goose Bird Identification


Upperpartsbrown, barred buff
Tailwhite with a grey terminal band, short and square
Billorange; large and duck-like
Legspink; medium length

Breeding and Nesting

Nestscrape near water
Eggs4-6; white
Incubation27-28 days
Youngactive; downy
Fledging1; April-May
Broods1; April-May
Foodgrass, grain, roots
Population700-800 pairs; 100,000 winter

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