Fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis) Bird Information


Fulmar is a stocky, heavily-built seabird; glides and skims water with typical stiff-winged shearwater flight. Flaps wings more frequently than shearwaters. Head, neck and body white; wings, back and tail grey.

Fulmar bird has Lacks any distinctive black and white pattern on wingtips. Short yellow bill; tube-nose visible at close quarters. Thick ‘bull-neck’ quite unlike any similar species; particularly noticeable in flight. Often gathers in large numbers round trawlers; decidedly gregarious at cliff breeding colonies.

Status: breeds along almost all coasts where suitable cliffs occur. In winter, widespread throughout Atlantic and the North Sea.

Similar Species: easily confused with gulls, especially when perched on cliffs. Only grey, stiff-winged species at sea.

Bird Facts

Size40 – 44 cm (20 – 17 in)
Habitatsea and sea -cliffs
Behaviourswims, perches on rocks, takes off and lands on water or cliffs
Flockingcolonial; sometimes huge flocks
Flightstrong and powerful; gliding
Voiceharsh crackle at breeding colonies

Fulmar Bird Identification

Fulmar Bird Identification

Tailgrey; short and square
Billyellow; short, tube-nosed
Legsyellow; short

Fulmar Bird Breeding

Nestbare ledge
Eggs1; white
Incubation55 – 57 days
Younghelpless; downy
Fledging46 – 51 days
Broods1; May – September
Foodcrustaceans, fish
Population600,000 pairs

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