Dotterel (Eudromias morinellus) Bird Identification

The dotterel is very adroit at moving about in rocky locations.


Length: 21.5 Cm. The male and female have like plumage.
Voice: Delicate flute-like notes that sound like ‘titi-ri-titi-ri’.
Size of Egg: 36.0—46.7 x 26.6—31.5 mm.

Information and Facts

Dotterel Bird Habitat

Northern Europe, Scotland and the mountain regions of central Europe are the home of the dotterel, which frequents grass-covered rocky slopes, or the tundra in the far north. In the mountains, it is found above the tree line, where it will nest at elevations above 2,000 meters. From the end of July to September, it wings its way through Europe to its winter quarters in northern Africa or the Middle East, returning by the same route in April—May.

Bird’s Nesting

At the end of May or the beginning of June it prepares its nest in a hollow in the ground. About 9 centimeters in diameter, it is fairly deep and only sparsely lined with grass stems, leaves and lichens.

Dotterel Bird Breeding

The female generally lays 3 eggs, but these are incubated only by the male, for a period of 18 to 24 days. When sitting he is so meek that he will often allow himself to be taken up in the hand, and can be returned to the nest without flying off. In northern countries, it features in legends as the reincarnation of the Good Spirit and is mentioned in many books. The young remain in the nest for only one day, after which they follow in the wake of their parents, concealing themselves in the neighborhood during the day, and sheltered beneath the parents’ wings at night.


The diet consists chiefly of beetles, flies, worms and small molluscs, and it will occasionally eat green leaflets or small fruits and seeds.

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