Canada Goose Bird information and facts

Canada Goose Bird Information

Canada Goose bird is the largest of the ‘black’ geese; about the same size as bulkier Greylag.  The bird is a familiar inhabitant of ponds, lakes, reservoirs and other freshwater habitats; generally tame and often aggressive. Buffy brown above and buff below; long black head and neck broken only by white chin patch. Canada Goose forms large flocks at end of the breeding season (for moulting), otherwise in pairs and family parties.

Status: Prospering after the introduction from native North America, where is long distance migrant. Widespread in Britain but highly local in Ireland. Most birds resident, but with some long-distance migrations (for moulting) developing.

Similar Species: The similar species of Canada Goose is Barnacle Goose which has a white face, grey back and is much smaller.

Canada Goose Bird Facts

Size90-100 cm (36-40 in)
Habitatfreshwater, marshes and margins, grassland
Behaviorswims, walks, takes off and lands on water and ground
Flightstrong and powerful; direct
voiceloud wagh-onk repeated

Canada Goose Identification

Canada Goose Bird Identification

Upperpartsbrown, barred buff
Tailwhite with black terminal band; short and square
Throatblack and white
Billblack; large and duck-like
Legsblack; medium length

Breeding and Nesting

Nestlined hollow beside the water, often on the island
Eggs5-6; white
Incubation28-30 days
Youngactive; downy
Fledging9 weeks
Broods1; April-May
Foodgrass, aquatic vegetation, cereals, grain
Population34,000 individuals

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