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Bittern bird is a large, secretive heron of dense reedbeds; more often heard than seen. Characteristic booming sounds more like distant foghorn than the bird.

Heavily camouflaged in shades of brown and buff; spends most of life hidden among reeds. Bittern bird is seen by chance during excursions across open areas, or in occasional flights with head tucked back and legs trailing behind. Close views reveal delicate plumage details as well as black crown and moustachial streak. Bittern bird has greenish-yellow Legs.

Status: decidedly scarce, breeding regularly only in East Anglia and Lancashire. Some winter wandering and immigration from the Continent.
Similar Species: rare Purple Heron also appears brownish in flight.

Bird Facts

Size70-80 cm (27-31 in)
Habitatfreshwater marshes
Behaviorwades, take off and lands on the ground
Voicedeep, far-carrying urrwoomp, repeated

Bittern Bird Identification

Bird Identification

Upperpartsbrown and black, streaked
Rumpbuff and brown, streaked;
Tailbuff and brown, streaked; short and rounded
Breastbuff and brown, streaked
Bellybuff and brown, streaked
Billyellow; straight and thin
Legsgreenish-yellow, medium length

Bird Breeding

Nesta platform of twigs, reeds on the ground
Eggs3-4; pale greenish-blue
Incubation21 days
Younghelpless; downy
Fledging6 weeks
Broods1, sometimes 2; April-May
Foodfish, amphibians
Populationless than 20 pairs

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